Pathologic Gambler Profile

It is not difficult profiling a pathologic gambler. A gambler can be categorized with a gambling behavior referred to as pathologic behavior when their gambling activities have resulting negative impact with their life. It can affect family relationships, their jobs, and social life resulting to a devastating financial burden that incapacitates them from paying all their debts due to excessive gambling.

A pathologic gambler expresses disturbing behavior of irritability and restlessness in an attempt to stop gambling, feel the urgent need to bet with increasing amount despite the mounting debts as a negative consequence of this action. They spend excessively up to the last penny and spend more time gambling than intended. Pathologic gamblers often find themselves in a frustrating situation in every attempt to stop gambling activities. They experience withdrawal symptoms such as lack of sleep just thinking about gambling. They will also find themselves in the middle of illegal activities in an effort to finance their gambling addiction.

Pathologic gamblers can be likened to addiction with chemical dependency where they substantially cannot control their addiction with denial and remorse feeling of depression. Their addiction is characterized by extreme euphoria of winning, severe depression of losing and a grave suicidal tendency.

Pathologic gamblers are addicted not with the money but being in action to bet and the thirst for self gratification of winning. Unlike as in substance addiction where they can become overdosed and high with drugs, pathologic gamblers usually find themselves in the usual financial devastation and self. Pathologic gambling is a recognized addiction illness that requires immediate attention because of higher incidents for suicidal tendencies than from drug addiction.

Pathologic gambling is a chronic and progressive illness that when addressed with immediate and proper treatment is highly curable. When remain untreated, the condition will continue to progress until it reaches irreparable damage that sacrifices many important things that matter to the gambler: their family, their life and their future.

One of the important aspects of the treatment regimen involved will be assessing the patient for psychological tendency to commit suicide and subject them to intense psychological therapy. Medical support for pathologic gamblers will also include group therapy, assessment for possible anti-depressant medications and appropriately referred to an expert psychologist for the correction of their behavioral problems with gambling. In all cases of pathologic gamblers, early diagnosis of the problem is an empirical step towards saving a gambler from a gambling addiction.

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