Casino Code of Etiquette

The casino is a place where people meet, greet and socialize. Hence, because playing at a casino is a social activity, it is important that everyone absorbs basic courtesy. And since you are among these people who are obliged to perform social contact, it is required that you observe proper casino etiquette.

Almost everyone seems to have forgotten that a casino is a place for respect. Remember that every person deserves every kind of respect. Hence, here is a short code of casino etiquette to guide you on your next visit to the casino:

On Table Games The first code of casino etiquette when it comes to table games is to be polite to the dealer. Casino dealers are often vented out by frustrated players who are disappointed about the results. Expression of foul language to the people in the service industry only exhibits poor upbringing and low education. Besides, casino dealers cannot influence the outcome in any way. It is not their fault that you chose to “hit” and landed on a “bust” during a blackjack game. It’s just bad luck, so there’s no reason to blame the dealer.

Also, casino etiquette requires you not to give any unsolicited advice. Although some people do this out of good intentions, this action can sometimes be misinterpreted. It might be tempting to yell out some advice while watching or while playing with other players, but it is better to zip your mouth when nobody has asked for your opinion.

It is also common courtesy to tip a dealer when you get lucky with your winnings. Consider it as “sharing blessings” with other people.

On the Machines When the casino becomes crowded on these set of machines, stay focused on one machine only. This casino etiquette requires you to let other people play. It is extremely impolite to keep others waiting because you have inserted your coins on three machines. This is only permissible if no one is waiting on the line.

Also, when you are planning to go to the bathroom for a few minutes, it is alright to place a jacket on the chair. However, make sure that you will be gone for a few moments. Players who leave a marker on their seats but keep others waiting for a long time are quite annoying.

General Etiquette Another important rule of the casino etiquette is to respect the well-being of others. Hence, if you are a smoker, do not smoke in a non-smoking area. You have every right to take a puff in designated areas, the same way that others have a right to smell smoke-free air in none-smoking areas.

Lastly, remember the common codes of courtesy. It never hurts to acknowledge other people’s deeds by saying “Thank you”, and never harms to request nicely through “Please”.

Following the rules of casino etiquette guarantees a very pleasant gaming experience. Treating someone with courtesy is paving your way to a fun social experience in the casino.

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